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Yerke Frog Alley Greenhouses
S79W28995 Frog Alley
Mukwonago, WI 53149

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Farm Opens for the 2018 Season on Earth Day-April 22

Grower of over 1000 Varieties of Annual & Perennial Flowers, Herbs, Vegetable Plants, Floral Hanging Gardens & Floral Patio Planters

Certified Organic Herbs & Vegetable Plants


Did you know that there are culinary herbs
and vegetable varieties that do well in containers?

     Most herb, pepper plants and specific tomato varieties are great for patio planters like the one shown here.   

Here at Yerke Frog Alley Greenhouses we also grow "instant"
vegetable gardens that do well all summer long.
      Enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables for your favorite meals

and you don't even have to weed a garden...how about that?

      We also have the individual plants in pots that you
can plant up yourself. Either way, what better way to
do your own "farm to table" fresh vegetables and herbs?


Frog Alley Garden Hack:

Is your herb garden an "over-achiever"?

  You can freeze and/or dry many types of herbs for winter use.   For example, if you have a favorite combination for soups or stews, chop them up and place in an ice cube tray.   Fill each section with enough water to cover the fresh herbs and freeze.  Once frozen, label a zip lock bag with the ingredients and pop them into the bag, then to the freezer.  When that favorite recipe comes up, just toss the ice cubes into your kettle or slow cooker and you have fresh herbs from your very own garden.  
You're welcome! 





Floral Hanging and Patio Planter Care:
All plants need 3 things to thrive:

                        Light, Water & Food
Light:  The great thing about planters and baskets is that they are mobile.  If the plant isn't doing well where you have it, try moving it to more sun or shade.  It just might be happier in its new home.
Plant Tag Tip:
Sunny ? Prefers full sun or at least hot afternoon sun  
? Prefers all day shade, but ok with morning light.

Water: More important as we get into our summer months, plants need water to grow and properly take up nutrition.  If the soil has shrunk away from the sides of the pot, it has most likely dried out too much.  Water!    Also, a good way to judge is to lift the basket or patio planter. You can judge by the weight how much water it may need.

Food: Even more important as you begin to water more frequently!  In the heat of summer, it is not unusual to water our greenhouse plants twice a day.   Use a water soluble fertilizer (we suggest one similar to what we use in our watering system here: Fertilome Blooming and Rooting) at least once a week during the growing season.  You will see a difference in the amount of color and health of your flowers.   Enjoy!                    


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